Our Story

Brian J. McGuire



The phrase “be good to yourself” has deep personal significance to us because it was the way our brother Brian McGuire always ended conversations. It’s what he said to everyone: the four of us, our parents, his wife and children, as well as his friends and business associates. It was typical of him, expressing his concern for others in his own unique way.

We never really thought there was any deeper meaning behind Brian‘s expression. But that all changed in 2013 when Brian died by suicide. It just didn’t make any sense. How could the person who was always telling us to be good to ourselves not be able to do so himself? We’ve spent a lot of time as part of our grieving process trying to figure it out and have come to realize that each of us is on a journey to both determine what we really want and to ascertain how to go after it. While neither of these steps are easy, our purpose is to make sure that each of us is aware of the awesome opportunity we all have to define our own destinies.

You are the only person who can determine what you really want and the only one who knows whether you are actually doing anything about pursuing your goals. Our branded Be Good 2 Yourself products serve as an empowering reminder of your responsibility to yourself. When you purchase our merchandise, you are also being good to others because 25% of the net profit generated from the sale of our products is given to the BG2Y Foundation for use in supporting organizations which address mental health issues as well as to those actively involved in suicide research and suicide prevention efforts.