Who Starts a Business in 2020?

The ongoing global pandemic has affected all of us in many ways and will continue to do so for at least the foreseeable future.  Here in America, our economy has been severely impacted, and at the same time we have also experienced civil unrest related to longstanding racial inequalities, not to mention an extremely divisive presidential election.

Against this backdrop, people advised us to delay starting our company.  They told us to wait until the pandemic is over, until things “settle down,” until the economy improves.  But we knew we couldn’t wait because our message is needed more now than ever.  People always need to be good to themselves, but that need is even greater in difficult times .  In addition, times like the present naturally create more mental health issues and, sadly, more suicides.  Since 25% of the net profit of all the product we sell will be given to existing organizations involved in these areas, we knew we had to move forward immediately to help meet the increased demand.